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Offering a Residential and Commercial Mosquito and Biting Insect Control System that is fully automated, virtually maintenance free, and easy to use.

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Featuring the Mosquito MistAway™ System

The Mosquito MistAway™ System is the best automated misting system available today. It was designed to dramatically reduce biting insect populations in both residential and commercial applications. This effective control of mosquitos and other biting insects creates a comfortable, enjoyable environment year round.

Southern Mosquito Control offers the Mosquito Mist Away System - the best automated mosquito misting system available today

The Mosquito MistAway™ System uses Pyrethrum, an insecticide found in Crysanthemum flowers- nature's answer to controlling unwanted pests.  To learn more about Pyrethrum, visit our Pyrethrum information page.

As a family-owned mosquito misting system company, based in Mississippi, we offer the service and support of a locally owned business, plus the features and products of one of the best mosquito control systems commercially available today.

Controlling mosquitoes, spiders, gnats, flies, and other biting insects has never been easier with the new, updated product lines from MistAway™ Systems. Read more about the MistAway™ System features, and call or email us today for a FREE estimate!


We're serious about mosquito control

Our automated misting technology will allow your family to spend more time outdoors, and our mosquito control systems are virutally maintenance free!

Mosquitoes can be an annoying, serious problem in man's domain. They interfere with work and spoil hours of leisure time. Their attacks on farm animals can cause loss of weight and decreased milk production.

Some mosquitoes are capable of transmitting diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis and encephalitis [St. Louis encephalitis (SLE), Western Equine encephalitis (WEE), LaCrosse encephalitis(LAC), Japanese encephalitis (JE), Eastern Equine encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile virus (WNV)] to humans and animals.

-from the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA)

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The Mosquito MistAway™ System

Fully automated, virtually maintenance free, and easy to use - call today to have your system installed, and take the bite out of YOUR yard!

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